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GParfitt 2

On the Crumpet to English Muffin scale, this deck went 4-1 during swiss, and was defeated 2-0 in the final two. The only deck to beat it on all three occasions was a Moordotz piloted copy of Gameslayers deck Soontir/Snoke/WYCWGI

The huge amounts of indirect this puts out, just cannot compete with a Snoke - Genetic Strandcast that will return and fixes dice when he does die, due to his focus sides. However it was the one deck I had practiced against the most in preparation, so my build is slightly tilted towards discarding the winners Tydirium asap.

The play is quite simple with this. Grab blue abilities in your opening hand. Use PtM to start with an Ataru Training, and get 3 dice on The Son ASAP. It most often works out before his first activation. Later in the game, it's all about 1) making The Son a Leader, 2) Getting Emperor on him. Tarkin's 3/1 is a prime target for I Am No Jedi for getting resources, and there is nothing more soul crushing than watching a Rise Again turn those 4/1 sides on The Son, into 6/1 sides, when you heal for 5 and become an Emperor.

If you don't have to kill a specific character to win, and lots of indirect will gain you victory, this will do you good.

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