Brazilian Nats Runner up: Bane Zannah (Conv - Echoes)

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fecaprino 54

This is the deck I piloted to the finals of the Brazilian Nats, on Dec 11th and 12th. And also to a top 4 finish in the Brazilian TTS league (I had to drop the top 4 match).

We had 26 people attending, with 6 swiss rounds cutting to all 4-2 and better advancing to day 2.

I finished 5-1 and first place in the swiss rounds, having faced:

R1: W vs e Darth Vader - Driven By Anger/ Wat Tambor - Techno Union Foreman

R2: W vs mirror

R3: W vs 2x Imperial Death Trooper and 2x Snowtrooper with Relentless Advance

R4: W vs e Wedge Antilles - Flight Instructor/e Dak Ralter - Rogue Gunner/ Armored Reinforcement

R5: W vs e Ki-Adi-Mundi - Methodical Master/e Mace Windu - Inspiring Master

R6: L vs e Bala Tik - Reclaiming Debts/e Commander Pyre - Harsh Negotiator

In the top cut I faced another mirror match in the top 8, winning 2-0. And got my revenge on my only day loss, winning 2-0 against Bala/Pyre in the top 4.

The final was a grueling 1-2 defeat against Doctor Aphra - Archaeologist/ Commander Pyre - Harsh Negotiator/ Imperial Death Trooper/ Relentless Advance. I won game 1 and lost game 2, both relatively easy. And game 3 went down to the thinnest of margins - I couldn't find a Bane special after a couple of rerrols with 2 dice, lost in the first actions of the following turn with lethal on board.

the deck felt extremely good, with very good winning chances against everything I faced in the tournaments and in my testing. In the end, the lovely Viper Probe Droid was what stopped me.

Super congrats to the winner - who's been a fantastic and consistently good player since forever and to the SWDBR team for the amazing effort!

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elbaiano 29

Amazing run, my friend! Watching you play destiny is always a learning experience!