Brazilian Nationals - 2021 Champion

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Dantona 78

Disclaimer 01: As ARH 04 was not physically ready for us, we played Convergence - Echoes of Destiny 2.0. That said, Crash Landing in fact is Measure for Measure.

Disclaimer 02: Aphra brings 4x VPD and 2x MSE-6

I've always been a big fan of 3-wide and tried to find one in this meta. It was not an easy task, I must admit. This was only possible because of Viper Probe Droid. Two red characters try to keep it on as long as possible, while Aphra allows us to put more copies in the deck. The rest is basically cards to win the damage race like mono red burn in MtG.

Out tests showed that we needed to be prepared for stopping shields and the bogeyman Bane / Death Field. So we decided to go with Embargo. It worked very well (Tks Jeff).

Day 1

6 Swiss Rounds - 5/1 (2nd place)

R1 vs Andre Villa - eHan/eJyn IO - W

R2 vs Casanova - eKi-Adi/eMace - W

R3 vs Guilherme - eKi-Adi/eMace - L

R4 vs Rody - Aphra/Pyre/IDT RA - W

R5 vs Darliane - eWedge/eDak AR - W

R6 vs Jefferson - eKi-Adi/eObi - W

Day 2

TOP 8 vs Jefferson - eKi-Adi/eObi - W (2x1)

TOP 4 vs Guilherme - eKi-Adi/eMace - W (2x0) Stream: (04:14:10)

FINAL vs Caprino - eBane/Zannah RoT - W (2x1) Stream: (05:42:00)

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the deck in action. The damage output is insane.

Again, huge thanks to my friend and test partner Jeff for helping me sharp my game plan and the decklist. Unfortunately we face each other earlier than we wanted.

Thanks Caprino for the incredibles final matchs. I have no words to say how good you are!

And thanks SWDBR for all that you do for the game. I'm sure YOU are one of the reasons for the great community we have.



I always believe in you and in your deck. I told you that this could be a Champion....incredible job my friend

fecaprino 54

Man... The finals match was probably the best match of anything I've played ever! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Much deserved, you're a heck of a player since forever! I really hope we face each other again, the games were a blast, the time together also, crazy high level plays! And your deck idea + all the wrinkles were genious. Super proud to have lost to you in the end!

elbaiano 29

Congratz, Dantona! Amazing run and one of the best finals I've ever watched.

Dantona 78

@JEFFKGB Indeed. More than myself. You are part of this achievement

@fecaprino It could have gone to either of us. Was super close. You mastered Bane so well

@elbaiano Tks man. Thats mean a lot to me


E O TÍTULO VEIO PRA 013 !!!!!!

Guintage 71

Well played, Champion! Amazing run with this blast deck. Congrats on the building idea and for playing perfectly. Good to play with you!!!

Dantona 78

@Guintage My pleasure man. Ki-Adi is a tough match if you get to the shields combo