Dead Eyes (aka Cad Crosshair)

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Casero - Echobase Thursday Night - 4-0 1 0 1 1.0
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casero77 18

Snipe cards out of your opponent's hand!

Play big guns and roll 'em in multiple times! (i you're lucky, you can even steal your opponent's guns... shhh)

Sneak attack with my favorite damage-from-hand cards!

These guys have it all...

Mulligan for one of those snazzy 3 cost guns, roll in Cad Bane - Callous Outlaw in in hopes of scooping up the extra resource ( Greed a good backup if you whiff), load up Crosshair - Expert Marksman and from here on out, he's the first activation each round, aiming for those sneaky discard sides.

Rest of the story is just a redux of the ol' Spicy Meatball (hat tip to Vika) from Display of Power with lots of burn: Everybody Profits, Imperial Justice, Self-Destruct, and Scorched Earth

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