Gencon 2023 ARH Standard 1st Place

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LiquidSnake 54

First off, I'd like to thank the ARH Team for putting together this incredible 4 days of Destiny at Gencon. Huge shout out to @majobasil and @Polyfly for running each event smoothly and efficiently. I'd also like to give a shout out to @Norman and my 2v2 partner @TurkeyClubSamich for the countless hours of late-night TTS games and practice reps leading up to Gencon.

I didn't really know what to play going into Gencon. In fact, I actually brought three different decks and didn't end up making my final decision until the night before. I ended up going with The Son - The Dark Side Qi'ra - Crimson Dawn Lieutenant Path To Mastery since I had a lot of reps with it and felt it was pretty strong into the current meta. The power of being able to potentially get The Son - The Dark Side a 3rd character die during round 1 gives the deck a huge advantage. Also Qi'ra - Crimson Dawn Lieutenant is no slouch as she can enable so much damage from hand through Everybody Profits, Chemical Strike, and Infamy.

Tournament Recap: R1 vs Norman L (Luke Yaddle) R2 vs Dartero W (Pre Vizsla Linus Mosk Crucial Intel) R3 vs Atomisk W (Luke Yaddle) R4 vs shady_buffalo W (Leia Padme High Stakes) R5 vs querdun_the_almighty W (2x eDroideka Death Watch Mando)

Top Cut

R1 vs Rando Mando 2-1. One of the most difficult/enjoyable matches I've ever played. This kid is a fantastic player and will be a future champion for sure. Finals vs Norman 2-0. I was not surprised to see Norman in the finals. He truly is one of the best players in the game and I knew if I was to win it all it would certainly mean a rematch from round 1 of swiss. I was able to get Ataru Mastery, and a Son 3rd die out round 1 in each of our match ups which ultimately led me to victory.

Overall, it was an absolute blast to participate in this great event and put faces to the names of these great players. Aside from winning it all the true prize was being able to spend 4 full days gaming with the best community out there!

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Norman 34

A well-deserved win with the relatively most busted deck in the format. ;-) It's interesting just how critical the turn 1 start is. In our game 1 of Swiss, I had a very strong start and got the win off of Ataru, whereas your starts in the top cut were just epicly good. Spoons probably had the best chance of any deck to take down Son-Qira, but I'd still give it only about a 33% chance even before we went 1-2 in the tournament. Good stuff!