Spoons - Gencon ARH Standard 2nd Place

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Norman 31

This list is updated from the release Yaddle-Luke deck from Resurgence release. Following the release tournament, ARH design changed three cards which weakens this deck a good bit but certainly doesn't kill it. Those changes were:

  1. Yaddle - Valiant Master lost her +1 shield limit.
  2. Consular Teachings now requires 1 resource to roll in the die from a different ability on the card.
  3. The special side of the Vergence die had the order of operations swapped. Thus it kind of becomes an either/or proposition by default.

In the prep leading up to Gencon, I felt that the previous iteration of the deck with the nerfs to the above cards meant that we needed to be extra careful protecting Yaddle. The temptation to maximize on abilities sent to Yaddle with Luke's PA is strong, and Yaddle dying can sometimes just be an auto-loss. Plus, Morichro was pretty much underperforming in usefulness except in the mirror. Thus, one Morichro was out and 1x Quilloned Lightsaber was the replacement. In addition, I felt that the resource curve would look a lot better if the second Morichro was replaced with a 2cost, so Yoda's Teachings became the next replacement.

Vergence, in my opinion, was not a critical element of the deck at this point, and Sanctuary performed fine, but compared to the first iteration of the deck I felt I'd be better off replacing both of those with the excellent card that I definitely undervalued Balance The Force from DoP. Adding BTF was definitely the right decision and provided tons of value.

In retrospect, I saw zero downgrades on the day, the loss to Tank was really due to not hitting Ataru quickly (so that's a variance loss), and the 2-0 loss in the finals to Son-Qira (and I won in round 1 of Swiss against that deck) is most attributable simply to Son-Qira being the primary busted deck in the current format and Snake's hands in both games being utterly bonkers. Plus, Snake literally rolled nothing but damage on Qira for 2 games straight. I kid not, he'll confirm it, there was not one discard or blank rolled on Qira. Straight fire. I'm not even sure how you "improve" this list to tech against Son-Qira, you just can't get better than about a 33% chance against it, especially when it got strictly improved with Resurgence releasing and the loss of FA made a lot of other decks "worse" comparably.

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