Spoons - Resurgence Release 2nd Place

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Spoons - Gencon ARH Standard 2nd Place 1 0 0 2.0

Norman 34

As the highest ranked Luke-Yaddle player during the release tournament, I am homesteading the naming rights to the deck. And in the historical SWD tradition of giving mono-blue decks a single-word moniker, Spoons it shall be (i.e., a Ladle). I have spoken.

Old Man Luke has always been looking for that perfect partner and just the right abilities to make it worth his while to hit the table. He has always been a consistent value generator with flexibility, but Yaddle and the package of abilities upon initial release of Resurgence make one of the strongest decks out of the gate with our new set.

Yaddle is on her own rather strong, but it's notable in her present form that +1 shield capacity makes her the best Ataru Mastery character available right now. Rolling a single special on her dice with Ataru on the table enables minimum 6 damage and up to 4 shields with a single action (resolve her special as 2 focus, turn her second die and Ataru both to specials and resolve each as an Ataru special).

That being said, don't be surprised at all if this deck gets nerfed in the coming days. Yaddle, Consular Teachings, and Vergence each are likely to get changed a bit as the release tournament was intended as a kind of "beta test" for the set. The performance of this deck overall in the release tournament demonstrates the power of these combos. 5-1 in Swiss, 5-2 in the top cut for 10-3 on the day, knocked out by DJ's pile in a baffling finish. Good times!

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