eRey/Obi/PC - Gencon Top 4

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Atomisk 2

Round 1 (W) - Second Sister/Tenth Brother/Inquisitorious - Majobasil was my first opponent for the day. Now, I have a lot of experience piloting Blue Villain so I was pretty mentally prepared for this one. I spiked Tenth Brother off the board as early as I could and flipped Rey. However Majo played well and hung in there thanks to a Rise Again + Death Field evening out damage on the board. This was my one game that went to time and I won on tie breakers. It was a close game, but was off to a good start.

Round 2 (W) - Ahsoka/Zeb - Elrathion was my second opponent who came in hot with some damage off Ahsoka and Zeb but unfortunately he didn't see his weapons in the first round while I managed to open strong with a Jedi Temple Guards and flipped Rey pretty early. This lead to me killing Ahsoka early in round 3 with a Steadfast play eventually leading to a win. Even so, I think this game could have gone either way really depending on who drew what (we even played a rematch after the event that went the other direction) but I took this one.

Round 3 (L) - Obi-Wan "Rako"/Kallus/Intelligence Operation - Norman came in and dismantled me pretty easy despite me having a decent amount of practice against versions of this pairing and finding moderate success. Probably didn't help I didn't see my Jedi Temple Guards in the early game which put me on the back foot most of the game and he had an early Black Market Connection powered by a Covert Mission. My mediocre rolls didn't help either, but Norm is also a hell of a player and felt like he was in control the whole game up until the end. Notably this was the only game I didn't flip with Rey in swiss. Considering Norm ultimately took Gencon, I don't feel too bad about this loss!

Round 4 (W) - Finn/Bo Katann/TMNE - This match was a scary one, this deck is very much a glass canon as my opponent (Joe) said. I had the benefit of Obi-wan being able to absorb some of the damage for free before he flipped (Both his removal as well as the extra indirect I was free to pour into him) which bought me enough breathing room to ensure I would be able to flip Rey and I also got lucky on the deck missing with the TMNE rolls for Bo when she went down (Both rolled non-damage sides). After that, Finn persisted in pinging me and slowing me down but it wasn't enough to stop me from winning.

Round 5 (W) - Pre Visla/Hondo/Extremist Campaign - Sparks Nevada was on Pre-Visla Hondo and I opened with Jedi Guards and was able to quickly flip. I targeted Pre Visla because I figured I was all in on Rey and if I got the Dark Saber there wouldn't be a situation where I'd be giving it back(Because I'd be dead otherwise).

Top Cut Semi-Finals (L-L) - Thrawn/Garza/Jawa - ShadyBuffalo was my opponent in Top Cut and seeing how I was on a Mono-Deck into Thrawn - Military Strategist I quickly realized it was going to be an up hill battle despite Mill generally being a favorable matchup for me. I say favorable because between resolving the One With The Force die on Obi-Wan Kenobi's Spirit multiple times, paired with the spirit's reroll potential as well as the reroll power actions on Jedi Temple Guard, normally I don't have a hard time with mill decks because I rarely have to discard reroll and with both Handcrafted Light Bow being able to burst through shields and benefiting from my own shields never being touched on Ataru Mastery I usually feel good into mill. But when my opponent gets to turn ~2.5 dice per turn just for playing the game, the rerolls become significantly less relevant and he could keep me off all my specials/flips effortlessly. Game one I drew worse, but generally it was the closer game despite everything thanks to some lucky Anticipation discards and generally luckier rolls on my part. I think I could have possibly won this game thanks to Buffalo's early claim at the end of the game when he thought I was out of options and he'd hit my last cards in deck, but I had the potential to special chain into Qui-Gon Jinn's Spirit to both kill Thrawn and buy another turn by putting Qui-Gon back in the deck, but couldn't hit the special (or a focus) on my Yoda Teaching die in +2 rolls (Which statistically was pretty unlucky, since I had 50% odds 3 times over) and that took me out of the game. The next game, despite drawing better and getting a flip off I think the writing was on the wall for this one and my inability to roll any damage probably didn't help (even ShadyBuffalo had to admit my rolls were awful that last game).

Thus my run at Gencon came to an end with. I don't know what I'd do to change things to improve my match ups, but I think if I knew there was going to be a Thrawn deck I might have run 2 QGJ Spirits instead of just one. I also think this deck is still decent into Rako/Kallus but I think I'll need more practice against Norm's version to give substantive improvements. Anyways, feel free to give this one a go! It was a blast to play and I think it's at least very solid pairing, getting 3 resources to start off Profitable Connection and getting essentially a 4 die start with Rey - Jedi In Waiting's PA (+more if you get the flip) makes this deck hit well above it's weight.

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