eBossk / eSoontir / AP 2nd @ Toronto ARH

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Old_Ben_Kenobi 14

Super fun deck to play! Been looking for the perfect partner for Bossk - Apex Predator for some time, and while Fennec Shand - Adept Mercenary is great, Soontir Fel - Baron Of The Empire is fantastic. I sometimes put in the Tydirium but found that unless I get it first turn it's less useful, and I rarely use Ace Pilots for it.

Thanks to Liquid Snake for all the organization on the event. It was so great to roll some space dice in person again after a few strange years. Mad love to the ARH team too, and thanks for continuing to keep this awesome game alive!

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LandoWonka 153

I love this pairing. A fair few differences between mine and yours. Well Done on taking this to 2nd spot.