Brazilian Nationals - TOP 4

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LIGA TTS BRAZIL - RUNNER UP - eKiAdi eMace 2 1 2 1.0
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Guintage 65

I saw this deck with Rody, after he takes it to the finals of our Brazilian TTS League. The engine with Ki-Adi Power Action and Jedi Lightsaber generates tons of shields every turn, and allows to build a great board in the early game. If you don't have weapons to play, Mace's Power Action can solve this easily. Made 2 changes, swap the Prescient Leaps for the It Binds to ramp more.

PS: Remember that we don't use CVG rotation in the tournament, only the 2.0 reprint list


Round 1 vs Marcos: Win - eeDin Djarin/eFives (stream - day 1)

Round 2 vs Filipe-RJ: Win - eYoda/Ki-Adi-Mundi

Round 3 vs Luis Guilherme: Win - Commander Pyre/Doctor Aphra/Imperial Death Trooper/RA

Round 4 vs Jefferson: Win - eObi-Wan Kenobi/eKi-Adi-Mundi

Round 5 vs Caprino: Lose - eBane/Zannah/Rule of Two (stream - day 1)

Round 6 vs Fernando Barbosa: Lose - eJyn/eHan Solo-TK/IO

I finished 4-2 Swiss and qualified in 6th place, going for day two directly.


Top 8 vs Fernando Barbosa: Win 2-1 - eJyn/eHan Solo-TK/IO

Top 4 vs Luis Guilherme (Champion): Lose 0-2 - Commander Pyre/Doctor Aphra/Imperial Death Trooper/RA (stream - day two)

Congratulations to SWDBR team who organized and streamed all the event. Special Thanks to NEWSTATION (local game store) who host the event. And Rody Games for make the cards and dices possible to all players.

MVP Card: Jedi Lightsaber and Jar'Kai.

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