Dooku Tydirium NSC

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Kolakoala44 67

The strategy of this deck is strange but simple: abuse the mechanics of Tydirium and No Second Chances (NSC) to double the damage dealt to an opponent’s characters.

Firstly, hard mulligan for NSC as it is crucial to the combo. Always mulligan away Tydirium, Mimic and command. Try and keep cheap removal, ramp, Force Concealment and an upgrade.

The strategy is simple: T1 use Armored Reinforcement to find Tydirium. T2 activate INSL piloting it and giving Count Dooku - Makashi Master the inquisitor subtype. T3 play NSC and then play as normal.

Loop this on later rounds in you have more NSC or use the subtypes on opponent’s cards to activate Mimic or leader for command.

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