Luke and Leia

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Patrick 5

I’m surprised no one has published a deck list with this pairing before!

Use Leia’s cheat ability to look at the top of a deck in coordination with Deep Meditation, Renewal, and Pyke Syndicate Mine - Kesselto gain key resources if it is to your advantage to discard that card to play say an ability for a discount with Grow Beyond. Otherwise hold or discard your opponents top of deck.

Opponent has limited opportunities to mitigate character dice showing damage. (2 out of 18 faces; 11%). Lots of shield heavy dice to protect and Luke’s ability, multiple Ataru tricks and moves, Qui-Gon Jinn's Spirit, and Force Mirage create damage from shields as needed.

The Jedi Code plot and Nullify use one of your many shield heavy dice to mitigate damage of any value, while In Harmonycan remove up to a value of 2.

Sprinkle in enough draw cards to get to the good stuff in the deck. Total point value of 34 cards include the bonus Form Drills moves Hawk-Bat Swoopand Will of the Force is 33. Less than 1 resource per card!

Tell me what I could have done better with this pairing, and back up your words by building your own clone deck, and let’s fight it out on TTS.

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