The Infinite Loop - QGJ Version

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Norman 28

Hey look, an infinite loop! This deck's goal is to draw the entire deck and then do the following:

  1. ATG to get Mos Eisley Spaceport out
  2. Keep QGJ alive or play his teachings on Ezra.
  3. Loop Blue Milk + DC15a + either Lavish Cape or Knighthood for infinite damage.

DC15a triggers the battlefield, bumping the Cape/Knighthood to hand and gaining a resource, DC15a goes back to your hand as well. Blue Milk gets you the second resource, and Strategic Discipline draws Blue Milk back to your hand. You now have 2 resources to play DC15a again, then play the Cape/Knighthood to gain shield/cause damage, then do it all again. Loop accomplished!

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