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Thyagumm 97

Go for the Mill.


clauberalex 21

Congratulations on your tournament win, Thiago! As anyone who watched your games on stream could testify, you piloted it at its finest, so you absolutely deserve all of those back-to-back wins, from round two to finals!

Nice to see mill decks coming back to the game. Although not everyone likes to face this kind of deck, I think it is important to have every archetype represented in the meta. Much like support decks seem to be making a return as well.

Guintage 71

As I always said: The Father is On!

elbaiano 29

As the battle droid always said: Roger Roger!

Darliane 30

Congratulations Arcanjo!!! The event idea to bring your battlefield is perfect and all the rest of the deck. ☺️

Dazuma 2


Lanza 4

Dirty ass deck

RodySWD 28

As i always said: This player is powered by Rody Games, since 2021 making your games happen phisically!


Super Thyagumm... Parabéns Amigo! SuperDeck.... Surpreendeu!

SpartacusN7 1

Lmao this is what ruins the game for people. Major oooffff