Buzz Saw - Saw/Bothan/Clone

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Patrick 7

MY FIRST LEAGUE WIN!!! Only took 6 months.

Whole strategy is to win the roll off and use the Power Action to resolve Saw’s dice before my opponent can do anything. if saw tolls disrupt, take all their money and, now they are fighting a staggering uphill battle. If Saw rolls big damage the resources at the start of the round are there to pay the resource sides.

Thrown-in Surprise Tactics to take control of the battlefield should you opponent claim early. Use Proton Grenades and E-851 Blaster Pistol and Partisan Recruit’s indirect sides for fast resolve synergy.

Chain Of Command allows your non-uniques to move their dice to fast saw, but not before you can exploit Unique Perspectives.

Hold Fast can be used with the Bothan, Clone Trooper, or the set aside dice from The Bad Batch. If you get the Partisan U-Wing down, roll out a bonus Saw die.

Let’s hope Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist ends up on the reprint list.

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Kolakoala44 54

Why a deck! Congrats on the league win repping the the best character Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist. A couple of quick questions:

  1. Have you considered New Orders to regain battlefield control when Saw rolls blanks?
  2. How do you get the money for all of this without Greed/ Truce/Other ramp?

I must give this list a go at some point, it looks super fun with picks such as The Bad Batch and the Unique Perspectives combo. If only there was a cheap non-unique, non-trooper, red, guardian!